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Celestial Bodiez Photoshoot: Courtney King

You are in for a real treat. We recently had the privilege of having our very own Courtney King over for an exclusive photoshoot. Naturally, we had to give our adoring fans and loyal followers a super special, behind-the-scenes look at her sporting the latest and greatest from the CB fam.

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Roof Workout #2 with Celeste Braun

It's the second video to our rooftop "no/equipment-needed workout" ! This video features @celestialbodiez #CEO @CelesteBonin and @blackstonelabsofficial west coast sales rep (and Celeste's long time BFF) @jodiecminear! They completed three rounds four different super sets. Each set contains a shoulder exercise utilizing gallon jugs followed up by lower body move. This workout can be done indoors and outdoors and the only thing required is 2 full gallon jugs!

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